Embracing KantanMT to improve translation productivity for their clients

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A bit of background

RoundTable Studio is a leading provider of translation and localization services for the Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese language markets. With production centres in Brazil, Argentina, and Spain, RTS and its team of more than 50 linguists, project managers and technical experts serve a worldwide client base across many vertical markets including, IT, business & finance and manufacturing.

The company's quality ethos and high level of customer service are significant factors in their success and reputation within the industry, and their openness to new technology is proving to be an important factor in their increased competiveness and company growth.

Details of the challenge

Global collaboration and increased competition are formidable factors which are affecting both the translation industry and the industries it serves. Consequently, LSP's like RTS are beginning to search for scalable, cost effective solutions which will help them bridge the gap created by expectations of ever faster turnaround times while maintaining high quality standards and continued price pressure.

Laura Grossi, Localisation Engineer at RTS confesses that: "sometimes there are just not enough linguists to carry out jobs" - a feeling echoed by many LSPs also in search for a capacity solution.

Results of KantanMT deployment

Grossi concludes that RTS "has increased its productivity on certain translation jobs significantly", and by implementing KantanMT machine translation, "has increased capacity levels to take on translation jobs they otherwise would have had to turn down".

Here's what our members are saying:

We love using KantanMT, it is having a positive effect on our business.

Mohamed Hammoud, Manager, ChromeData

[GENTRY] PEX prevents us from having to post-edit redundant errors.

Christian Taube, Founder, Matrix Communications AG

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