Building superior KantanMT engines with domain specific training data

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A bit of background

Matrix Communications AG (www.matrix-ag.com) is a leading European language service provider (LSP) with bases in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Having served a global client base since 2006, Matrix Communications employs over 40 staff and offers a wide range of translation services from document creation to multimedia publishing.

As one of Europe's most progressive LSP's, Matrix Communications has embraced machine translation technology, recognising the potential that MT could deliver.

Details of the challenge

Matrix Communications began testing machine translation solutions in 2010, identifying MT as a tool which would help them to "move ahead of their competition". Recognising that the translation industry is "suffering from eroding margins", co-founder, Christian Taube wanted a solution that would accelerate his translation velocity, improving client project turn-around times and saving on costs.

Over a period of three years, the company investigated a number of different machine translation solutions, focused on finding a product that would allow them the flexibility that Matrix Communications needed. The team even experimented with building their own Moses software installation, which Taube stresses as being "very complex" a reason preventing many mid-sized LSPs from adopting machine translation.

Results of KantanMT deployment

Matrix choose KantanMT as their machine translation platform, taking advantage of their freedom to build multiple KantanMT engines and no upper-limits on training word-counts or translated words. The Matrix team tested various different data sets and sizes, using Kantan BuildAnalytics™ to monitor engine performance and created mature production-ready engines in significantly less time than any other MT vendor they evaluated.

Here's what our members are saying:

My congratulations! You've done a great job productizing MT!

Dr.Mike Dillinger, President , AMTA

KantanMT built this engine in record time and I am very pleased with the results.

Gunter Lemoine, Founder, Lemoine

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