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Accurate Custom Machine Translation for Government Documents

For government agencies around the world, accurate translations are key to global communication today. KantanMT is the world's leading provider of Custom Machine Translation (CMT), and with our cutting-edge technology, we create precise translations for global and federal governance bodies as well as local government offices to facilitate clear communication.

Challenged with huge-volume of content from diplomatic communication to defence, education and social services documents, our clients in governance require precise translations in a fast-paced environment. Policies are updated quickly in this industry, and our clients require a huge degree of security to ensure privacy.

At KantanMT, we specialise in providing high speed, high-quality CMT solutions that face these challenges head on, helping our clients extend their global reach and reduce localization costs.

Our Solution is architected to translate a range of different content for the government. From award contracts, compliance documents to legal, defence and business content – at KantanMT, we recognise that all these content need to be handled differently and our CMT engines are trained accordingly to translate content effectively and quickly.

Our translation technology helps maintain consistency across document types, while maintaining the fidelity of the content.

  • Custom MT engines - Create precise translations across document types with our Custom Machine Translation engines by leveraging Translation Memory (TM) and MT. We to deliver up to 30% in localization savings for government translations.
  • Localization Precision - KantanMT's capacity to process over 100 million words per day, coupled with customisation technologies such as KantanNER™ (Named Entity Recognition) and Post-Editing Automation (PEX), our clients can achieve high quality translations.
  • Integrated Project Management - The KantanAPI™ enables clients to integrate their existing localization workflows into Analytics tools such as KantanAnalytics™ provide transparency of translation quality matrix enabling efficient and productive localization projects.
  • Maintain Brand Identity - Custom KantanMT engines translate content efficiently so that the precise tone of your government documents is maintained, regardless of the content's language.
  • Security Guarantee - is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the safest and most secure and confidential cloud hosting service in the world. KantanMT triple encrypts data to ensure that your government communications and strategy remain secure till you are ready to release.

Client Success Stories

  KantanMT: A Solution that scales with your business
We love using KantanMT, it has a positive effect on our business.

Mohamed Hammoud, Manager, ChromeData
The flexibility and engine trainability of makes it ideal for us.

Magdalena Enea, VP, HighTechPassport

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