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Scalable Machine Translation Solutions for eRetail

KantanMT is the number one provider of Custom Machine Translation (CMT) in the world, and we help some of the biggest online retailers in the world to expand globally.

eRetailers are one of the largest Machine Translation (MT) user groups, and our clients leverage precise, scalable, high-quality auto usable Custom MT to get their products to international customers.

KantanMT goes beyond merely translating words. The platform automatically converts weights, measurements and distances for each new target locale, significantly reducing product returns, which is one of the most crippling aspects of running a global eCommerce business.

Our eRetail clients never sleep, just like KantanMT, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime - and our IT support desk is available round the clock too.

Our Solution

At KantanMT, we leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud to provide an intuitive, scalable approach to MT. eRetailers have a high diversity of product content - all of which needs to be translated accurately and quickly. There is no room for translation errors, and KantanMT is the only CMT provider with a proven track record for delivering high quality translations that scale in tandem with our client's business needs.

  • Custom eRetail MT engines: KantanBuildAnalytics™ helps our eRetail clients build high-quality, Custom MT engines tailored to their precise translation requirements in more than 760 languages.
  • Fast Deployment and Peak Demands: KantanBuildSwift™ and KantanAutoScale™ are designed to deploy and scale KantanMT engines quickly in line with our client's changing translation demands during their peak selling periods.
  • Localization Precision: Sophisticated Named Entity Recognition technology helps our clients reduce the number of product returns due to incorrect sizing information. KantanNER™ goes beyond translation to localize content by automatically converting measurement data for each target locale.
  • Security Guarantee: is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), he safest and most secure and confidential cloud hosting service in the world. To ensure upmost security, KantanMT triple encrypts data to ensure that only our clients access their own content.
  • Integrated Project Management: KantanAnalytics™ brings intelligence and insights to translation, so our clients can predict translation quality enabling more efficient and more productive localization projects.

How We Help Our Clients - eRetail Client Success Stories

  KantanMT: A Solution that scales with your business
We had all of our content localized exactly on time and within budget. Obviously we were very happy with the process and the results, and we've kept working with Milengo since, constantly adding products to the catalogue in several different countries and languages.

Daniel Srebro, Chief Analyst - Business Development, Netthandelen Holdings AS, on translation project with KantanMT and Milengo

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