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Custom Machine Translation Solutions for Automotive Industry

KantanMT is the world's leading provider of Custom Machine Translation (CMT), and we deliver reliable, high quality translation solutions, so our automotive clients can accelerate entry into global markets and increase revenue and brand equity.

Challenged with more vehicle models and language combinations, a highly efficient localization process is essential to delivering an unrivalled user experience and improving revenue.

At KantanMT, we specialise in providing high speed, high-quality CMT solutions that face these challenges head on, helping our clients create new revenue opportunities and reduce localization costs by reaching new markets faster.

Our Solution is architected perfectly for managing the highly structured content of the automotive industry. Our CMT solution uses this high degree of predictability to its advantage to produce extremely high quality translations.

We leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud to provide clients with an intuitive approach to Machine Translation (MT) that gets products to new markets first. Our translation technology helps maintain consistency across brand language and standards, ensuring excellent returns for globalization efforts.

  • Custom Automotive MT engines - Engage customers with personalised content in their language. Custom KantanMT engines leverage Translation Memory (TM) and MT to deliver up to 30% in localization savings for automotive translations.
  • Fast Deployment and Peak Demands - With features such as KantanSwift™ and KantanAutoScale™, our clients can deploy and scale KantanMT engines in tandem with product release cycles.
  • Localization Precision - KantanMT's capacity to process over 100 million words per day, coupled with customisation technologies such as KantanNER™ (Named Entity Recognition) and Post-Editing Automation (PEX), our clients can achieve high quality translations in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Security Guarantee - is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the safest and most secure and confidential cloud hosting service in the world. To ensure utmost security for client information, KantanMT triple encrypts data to ensure that only our clients access their own content.
  • Integrated Project Management - The KantanAPI™ enables clients to integrate their existing localization workflows into Analytics tools such as KantanAnalytics™ provide transparency of translation quality matrix enabling efficient and productive localization projects.
  • Maintain Brand Identity - Custom KantanMT engines translate brand content efficiently so that brand identity is maintained, regardless of the content's language.

How We Help Our Clients - Automotive Client Success Stories

  KantanMT: A Solution that scales with your business
For first time use of Custom MT and post-editing workflow, these numbers represent a significant ROI for our customers, and we were able to lower our post-editing rates in proportion to output quality.

Deepan Patel, Machine Translation Solutions Architect - Milengo Ltd.

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