Safe and Secure

At we take your data security and integrity very seriously. We appreciate how important it is that your files are stored and accessed securely over the web. This is why we use the largest and most secure hosting facilities to provide our MT services to our clients.

We host your MT engine in highly secure data centres and only allow you (via a secure account name and password) access its contents. This means that any content you upload to is fully safe and secure against unauthorised access and usage. This is important to our clients as the content they translate, in many cases, is confidential and they are obligated to their clients to keep this data safe and secure.

  Secure Data Centres

Unlike free MT solutions, none of your data will ever find its way onto the worldwide web. Your data is safe and secure with

Our commitment and focus on security means that you can focus on the precision and quality of your translations and use MT to improve your daily throughput.

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