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Translate higher volumes of data using KantanMT engines

The days of relying solely on human translation capability alone are over. Progressive Localisation Service Providers(LSPs) are taking more control of the translation process by streamlining and automating the localisation process - long before translations ever reach translators. In this new world, LSPs leverage the combined power of both Translation Memory and Machine Translation helping reduce project costs and speed up project turn-around times. That's the power of translation automation!

At its core, translation automation is about pre-translating files, optimising and distributing them across both TM and MT systems. As your clients demand faster project turn-around times and reduced project costs, translation automation takes on a bigger role in your localisation workflows.

Take translation automation to the next level with our innovative and easy-to-use features:

  • High Performance MT: Translate thousands of words per hour using your high-quality KantanMT engines
  • The Power of 2! KantanMT uses your Total Recall™ translation memory to improve both the performance and accuracy of your KantanMT engines
  • Custom File Parsers: Build file parsers for virtually any file format using our GENTRY technology
  • Terminology improves accuracy: Upload your client terminology to improve the precision and accuracy of KantanMT generated translations
  • Flexible Reports: Analysing the effectiveness of a KantanMT engine with easy-to-use flexible reports

Translation automation is a powerful technique to increase translation productivity and reduce project costs. KantanMT.com is leading the way in this modern localisation technique.

Here's what our members are saying:

KantanMT is definitely worth trying - it will be useful for most companies.

Laura Grossi, Engineer, RoundTable Studio

We are finding that KantanMT [is] an efficient and positive solution.

Mohamed Hammoud, Manager, ChromeData

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