Feature Overview

Combine TM and MT into one seamless platform

KantanTotalRecall™ combines Translation Memory and Machine Translation technologies into one seamless platform - harnessing the speed and accuracy of traditional Translation Memory and with the power and flexibility of advanced Machine Translation technology.

Using KantanTotalRecall means that your KantanMT engine chooses the best translation from Translation Memory or your KantanMT engine.

Harness the Power of Two!

KantanTotalRecall uses training material to build a Machine Translation engine which mimics your translation style and terminology. But it goes one step further and re-uses this material to also build a high-speed Translation Memory.

KantanTotalRecall means that :-

  • Best translation candidate - For segments that have been previously translated, KantanTotalRecall will select a match from your translation memory; all other segments are processed by your KantanMT engine
  • Higher Translation consistency - Combining a lookup to a TotalRecall TM means higher translation consistency and accuracy from your KantanMT engine
  • Lower Post-Editing Costs - KantanTotalRecall selects the best translation to ensure that post-editing time is minimised - this reduces post-editing costs for every Machine Translation project

Now you can be confident that all your content will be translated using your KantanMT engine!

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