Feature Overview

Customise multiple engines with minimal investment and hassle

KantanTemplates™ provide an intuitive and powerful way to customise, improve and deploy multiple KantanMT engines that share common training data-sets.

Using KantanTemplates™, shared data-sets of bilingual and terminology training files can be used across multiple KantanMT engines, which allows them to be easily modified and updated all at once.

KantanTemplates helps you easily customise multiple Machine Translation engines and provides cutting edge analytics and reporting tools to track your progress.

Only KantanTemplates provides you with:

  • Faster customisation: Customise your KantanMT engines using shared templates of bilingual and terminology training files.
  • Improved Version Control: KantanTemplates™ allow you to have consistent training and terminology data in all your KantanMT engines. This helps with version control and simplifies product customisation and improvements.
  • Simplified File Management: Common training and terminology data-sets can be uploaded once into a template and then re-used across multiple KantanMT engines. This reduces file management and processing overheads.
  • Change Management: Using a KantanTemplate allows you to easily modify and update all your engines at once

Increase the speed of customising, improving and deploying KantanMT engines. KantanTemplates gives you a powerful and intuitive method to customise your engines right out-of-the box.

Here's what our members are saying:

We love using KantanMT, it is having a positive effect on our business.

Mohamed Hammoud, Manager, ChromeData

KantanMT was easy to use and it supports a wide variety of languages.

Marcelo Rizzo, Architect, Medialocate

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