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A Suite of Productivity Apps that provide instant translation services

Your clients require translation of words or phrases - and they need it instantly! KantanWidgets™ provides instant Machine Translation services across the enterprise, right at your clients' fingertips!

KantanWidgets is a suite of Productivity Apps that can be embedded on any desktop, website, intranet or extranet and allows words, phrases and documents to be translated instantly. More importantly, translation comes from customised KantanMT engines, so quality and data privacy is guaranteed!

Only KantanWidgets provides:

  • Instant translations: KantanWidgets provides instant translation of words and phrases using customised KantanMT engines.
  • Higher quality translations: Since KantanWidgets uses your customised KantanMT engines, translations will have higher terminology consistency and better translation style than non-customised translation services.
  • Secure translations: KantanWidgets ensures that instant translations are delivered to your clients using the secure KantanMT platform - essential for enterprises that require highly secure and confidential translation services.
  • Easy-to-manage: KantanWidgets is built into every KantanMT account and can be configured and deployed within minutes.
  • Built-in analytics: Statistics such as word volumes and compute hours are automatically tracked on a per-engine basis to track usage.

KantanWidgets come complete with the following productivity apps:

  • KantanTranslate™: This is a web based app that can be embedded on any website, intranet or extranet and allows words and phrases to be translated instantly. More importantly, the translation comes from your highly customised KantanMT engines.
  • KantanSnippet™: This is a browser plug-in which translates highlighted words or phrases using your customised KantanMT engines. Currently Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are supported.
  • KantanOfficeMT™: This is a plug-in for Microsoft Office applications. It provides instant translation of selected words or phrases using customised KantanMT engines. KantanOfficeMT works with Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and OneNote.
  • KantanDocExpress™: This Widget provides instant translation for a wide range of document formats. Documents are simply dropped onto KantanDocExpress, source and target languages are selected and the translated document will be returned to your email inbox.

KantanWidgets in action

Click on one of the videos below to see KantanWidgets in action and how they deliver instant translation services right at your fingertips!



Here's what our members are saying:

I would also like to thank you for the amazing tech support regarding EN-RU.

Joren Claesen, MT Specialist, YAMAGATA Corp.

The flexibility and engine trainability of KantanMT.com makes it ideal for us.

Magdalena Enea, VP, HighTechPassport

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