Feature Overview

Deploy production ready KantanMT engines in hours rather than weeks

While traditional machine translation system deployments can take months, KantanMT can be deployed within hours! This is good for you, your business and more importantly your clients. With compressed project turnaround times, lengthy deployment times no longer make sense.

KantanMT is designed to help you rapidly respond to your customer MT requirements.

KantanMT takes the complexity out of MT deployment:

  • Cloud-base architecture: KantanMT is a hosted service and available to anyone with a secure account name and password
  • Autoscale Deployments: Kantan combines load balancing and auto-scaling into one seamless service to improve translation capacity, system reliability and overall translation performance
  • KantanTemplates™: Use KantanTemplates to share common training data-sets across multiple KantanMT enngines and update them all in one go.
  • Multiple Engines: Each KantanMT engine is hosted in a secure cloud-based facility so you are not limited to a single copy of each engine. You can run them simultaneously, to meet your business requirements
  • Super-Fast Engine Launch: KantanMT engines can be optimised to launch in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes. This helps improve translation capacity and velocity.
  • Economic to run: KantanMT is cloud-based so you only pay for what computing power and disk storage you consume each month
  • REST-ful SDK: The KantanMT SDK is based on the REST interface, is stateless, and can be configured in a matter of minutes

Never let slow and costly deployment cycles impact on your business, KantanMT can be customised and deployed within a few hours.

Here's what our members are saying:

KantanMT is an expert MT service for enterprises and LSPs

Kirti Vashee, Consultant, Independent

KantanMT is offering the finest tool combination for accurate [SMT] estimates.

Kirti Vashee, MT Consultant, Independent

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