Translate More. Earn More.

Doing more, Earning More; sounds easy, but in reality it’s a very challenging and difficult feat to accomplish. Today we’ve reached the maximum benefit derived from using Translation Memory technologies. In fact, for the most part, the savings are already deducted from the project costs in anticipation of the reuse of previously translated content.

With many multi-national companies trimming their budgets to meet today’s challenging economic climate, it’s never been more difficult to earn more as a professional translator or localisation service provider!

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One possible solution is to process more words per hour, per day and per client. Machine Translation can be a key productivity enhancer, helping localisation service providers translate more words per day. The net result is higher earnings, more income and better margins!

The key to maximising the benefits of MT on content is the ability to ‘train’ the engine. And , at Kantan, we’ve made this really easy. Simply upload your translation memory files and this will enhance the quality, consistency and precision of the MT generated output.

Can you do more and earn more? With Kantan it’s a bit easier to do!

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