Monthly Plans

There are no monthly plans.....well for a limited period only!

We're looking for volunteers that have an opinion, and a discerning eye for quality and detail, and who would like to be involved in shaping this community based technology.

We're looking to signup professional translators that want to try out machine translation on their work and we’d like to hear how you got on. We'd like to know what features you liked or disliked, did our KantanMT make it easier to earn more money and improve your income, did training your engine result in demonstratable quality improvements and if MT will be a valuable tool for you in developing and growing your business.


By joining this program, your voice will be heard and your ideas will form the basis of the next generation of features and capabilities of KantanMT.

You're the professionals and we're eager to listen to your ideas and feedback. If you're interested, just click below to sign up!

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