KantanAcademy™ is an online, self-paced learning resource to help language professionals acquire the skills they need to operate KantanMT successfully. The KantanAcademy offers three courses, depending on the level of the learner: Machine Translation 101, Machine Translation Professional and Machine Translation Super User.

KantanAcademy™ offers everything you need to become a KantanMT Custom Machine Translation (CMT) pro with KantanMT, including extensive training videos, online courses, and thought-leading, relevant, cutting-edge articles on various aspects of MT.

On successful completion of the course, professionals will be awarded a certificate, and online badge, which can be added on their social profiles like LinkedIn.

Machine Translation 101

This course introduces the learner to the basic concepts of CMT, and teaches them how to customise, improve and deploy their own MT engines to generate high-quality translations.


  • What is Custom Machine Translation
  • Introduction to KantanMT
  • Creating and customising MT Engines
  • KantanFleet™

Required Experience Level: None required

Machine Translation Professional

This course is ideal for learners who have either completed the Machine Translation 101 certification from KantanAcademy, or those who display a basic knowledge and understanding of building, customising and improving an MT engine with KantanMT.

This course provides in-depth training on the best practices for improving Custom MT engines. Professionals will learn how to refine and fine-tune their CMT engines, with the help of analytics and quality reports.


  • Measure Custom MT Engine Quality
  • Translate and Analyse output with KantanMT
  • Integrate MT with your CAT tool with KantanAPI™
  • Learn about Post-Editing Automation or PEX rules
  • Dynamically improve training data with KantanPreprocessor™
  • Automate MT language quality review with KantanLQR™

Required Experience Level: Basic to Intermediate

Machine Translation Super User

This course is designed for advanced Custom Machine Translation (CMT) users, who can customise, improve and deploy high-quality Custom MT engines, and for KantanAcademy certified Machine Translation Professionals.

This course delves deeper into the details of building and refining Custom MT engines, by using some of the more advanced features of the KantanMT platform. KantanAcademy certified Machine Translation Super Users will be able to competently build high-quality MT engines, which can be completely customised to suit their own language and stylistic requirements.


  • Using Aliases for Custom MT Engines
  • Using KantanWidgets™ for Instant Translations
  • Using Regex Reference for Gentry Rules
  • Using Runtime Glossaries
  • Parsing: Rule Files
  • Tokenizer exceptions

Required Experience Level: Intermediate to Professional

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