No Hardware. No Software. No Hassle.

MT research and development spans the past four decades, however a remarkably few number of companies and individuals have adopted it into their daily work routine. The primary reason for this is the system complexity and expensive hardware platforms required to successfully deploy a workable MT solution. Additionally, to maximise the benefits from machine translation, it needs constant monitoring, maintenance and updating.

Kantan has tackled these technological hurdles head on – delivering the world’s first accessible and easy to use personal MT engine.

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You simply subscribe to a monthly plan, upload your documents and start MT’ing almost immediately. It’s typical for a single client to be up and running within a hour of activating their monthly subscription plan.

Kantan manages your personal MT system automatically; maximising uptime to you and your clients, while minimising the costs. How’s that for an unbeatable value-add to your business?

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