How to translate your client files

KantanMT is simple to use, yet very powerful and flexible! By following these simple steps you will be able to quickly translate your client files using one of your pre-built KantanMT engines. Many of our clients can use their MT engine within hours of registering on our site, and can immediately experience the benefits and productivity improvements that KantanMT offers.

Step 1. Select Client Profile

  • Goto My Client Profile and click on the profile you wish to use to translate your client files.
  • This automatically selects your pre-built KantanMT engine.
  • NOTE: If you have not built your KantanMT engine, please click How to build my first KantanMT engine for helpful guidance on this.

Step 2. Translating your client documents

  • Click on the Client Files tab and click on Upload to start uploading the documents you want to translate using your new KantanMT engine.
  • When you have finished uploading all your documents, click on Translate. This will schedule a job that translates your uploaded documents using your KantanMT engine.
  • NOTE: You can check the status of your jobs by going to My Jobs.

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