How to track your progress

It's easy to track the progress of your translation jobs. Simply follow the instructions below to see the results of your translation jobs and the results of your KantanMT engine builds.

Step 1. Track My Jobs

  • Goto My Jobs to see a complete list of all your active and completed jobs.
  • The graph at the top of this page will display the number of jobs you have run over the last 21 sessions.
  • Below this graph is a more details list of each job, its status and various other helpful job information.

Step 2. Exploring Job Tracking Information

  • To download translated documents, click on the green download arrow.
  • To see more information about any job, highlight it with the mouse and click on it. A verbose report of the job will be displayed in a table on the screen.
  • Jobs that terminate abnormally will have a red X mark adjacent to them. Click on the job to get more detailed analysis.

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