How to create your first KantanMT Engine

KantanMT is simple to use, yet very powerful and flexible! By following these simple steps you will be able to build your own KantanMT engine, optimized for your clients. Many of our clients can use their MT engine within hours of registering on our site, and can immediately experience the benefits and productivity improvements that KantanMT offers.

Step 1. Create Engine

  • Go to My Engines to create a new Engine. An Engine consists of training and translation files. Training is a collection of bilingual TMX files that are used to build your KantanMT Engine.
  • Click on to create a new Engine name.
  • Select your source and target languages for this Engine from the drop-down combo boxes.
  • Select training data from the KantanLibrary drop-down combo box.
  • Now click on Update Engine to save your changes.
  • That's it! Now you're ready to build your first KantanMT Engine!

Step 2. Build your KantanMT Engine

  • Bilingual TMX files are used as training data to build your KantanMT engine. The more training data you use, the better the translated output will be.
  • Click on the Training Data tab and then click the Upload button. Browse to the location of your training data and press Upload Files to begin the upload process.
  • When you have finished uploading all your training data, click on the Build KantanMT button. This will schedule a job that creates your engine using the Kantan cloud.
  • NOTE: Building a KantanMT engine may take several hours, depending on the amount of training data you've uploaded, so it may be a good time to put the kettle on! You can check the status of your new KantaMT engine by clicking on My Jobs.

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